Ultrasound Questions

Ultrasound & Surface Anatomy

Lucas T.  comes into your clinic complaining of a potential rotator cuff injury after an intense softball game. Since you went to ARCOM, you know that the Supraspinatus is the most frequently injured rotator cuff muscle. You decide to first do an ultrasound on the anterior lateral aspect of the patient’s shoulder to examine the supraspinatus muscle and acquire the following image. Which of the following correctly represents the Supraspinatus muscle?

Which of the following correctly identifies the structure outlined in red?

You are practicing surface anatomy on your good friend Mitsu B. You are palpating the surface just below her patellar tendon on the anterior aspect of her proximal leg. Which of the following bony landmarks should you be able to feel?

You decide to practice surface anatomy with your good friend, Bobby G., who is conveniently shown below (he’s taken ladies!!). You are palpating along his sternal line when you come across a landmark located on the superior border of his manubrium. Since you have a strong knowledge of surface anatomy, you know that this landmark will align with which of the following vertebral bodies?

Which of the following correctly labels the numbered structures in order?

The following ultrasound image was acquired from the anterior aspect of a patient’s shoulder. Which structure is represented by the outline in blue?

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