Lauren’s Advice for Incoming Students

Written By: Lauren Griffin, Class of 2022 Here’s My Advice…  Even if you think you’re the study-alone-type, you should still make time for studying with partners and/or in groups as well, as this is an excellent way to: learn other study strategies hear others’ perspectives on what’s important hear their interpretation on some of the […]

My Path to Board Study

Written By: Kali Riley, Class of 2021 Dear Future Classes,  This is what I did during my second year, and it proved to be successful! It’s a lot of words, but I have found that you never really know where everyone is, so I made sure to put everything in there. I remember feeling so […]

Brendan’s Study Tips

Written By: Brendan Lushbough, Class of 2021 First Year Generally, this is going to be a very hard year and you’re going to feel mostly inadequate the whole way. That’s a normal feeling, but it does not mean you aren’t learning. I would consider this your first pass through the material and as such some things […]

Seth’s Possibly Helpful Ramblings About Studying

Written By: Seth Bayird, Class of 2022 Let’s Ask Some Questions  What is your end goal that you plan achieve through studying? Having a good foundation for clinical medicine. Having a level of understanding that is suitable for academia or medical education. Scoring points on exams. Purely for reasons of self-satisfaction and improvement. Each of […]