Digital White Boards

The Digital Whiteboard series pulls together important information on specific topics into “one pagers” that can be quickly revisited over and over again. The Whiteboards include simple collections of information, diagnostic algorithms, charts, sketches, and mnemonics. 

Text Color Key

Black – Standard information

Brown/Gold – Physical exam findings

Blue – Blood work, labs, and imaging

Pink – Histopathology

Purple – Treatments and pharmacology

Red – Vital information and memory hooks

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Beta Blocker Usage and Adverse Effects

Reading the Cardiac Cycle

Advanced ECG Reading

Anti-Arrhythmic Drugs

Tetrology of Fallot


Kawasaki Disease


Adrenocortical Drugs

Serum Antibodies – Sensitivities

Parathyroid Drugs

Seronegative Arthropathies

Corticosteroid Routes of Administration

Non-insulin Glucose Lowering Agents


Medications for Heavy Metal Toxicities


Congenital Malformations of the GI Tract

Hepatitis A-E

Non-Infectious Hepatitis

Neoplasms of the Upper Alimentary Canal

Neoplasms of the Lower Alimentary Canal


Pancreatitis Diagnostic Steps

Unconjugated Bilirubinemia

Marfanoid Habitus

The “Big Four” Atypical Pneumonia

Azole Drugs


Bacterial Protein Synthesis Inhibitors

Confusing Agars

Hepatitis A-E

HAART Treatment for HIV

Chlamydia vs Gonorrhea 

More STIs

Fungal Opportunistic Infections

Tick-Borne Diseases

Degenerative Disorders and Dementia

Childhood CNS Neoplasms

Adult CNS Neoplasms

Motor Disorder/Parkinson Drugs

Epilepsy Pharmacology

Atelectasis Sub-Types

Lung Tumors by Location

Endometrial and Ovarian Tumors

Diagnosis of Ovarian Neoplasms

Diagnosis of Breast Neoplasms

Diagnosis of Testicular Tumors

Common Drugs for Reproductive Pathologies

Nonviable Pregnancies, aka Spontaneous Abortions

edit: PoC = products of conception 

Myasthenia Gravis Subtypes and Associations

The MockDocs Digital White Board series is an original formulation by the author. All rights reserved.