Palmer & Dorsal Hand

Hand & Upper Limb Joints

During the first day of anatomy dissection, Dr. Throckmorton cut the tip of his finger requiring stitches. Which of the following explains why it bled like the dickens?

Which of the following is the least stable joint?

A patient presents to the ED after a game of intramural flag football and is unable to extend their DIP joint on their right 2nd finger. During their physical exam you also notice that they have blood visible beneath their nailbed. Which of the following injuries did they most likely sustain?

An inability to abduct the thumb would result from which of the following?

A 12 year old male patient presents to the emergency department after following an ATV accident. Imaging confirms avulsion of the medial epicondyle of the humerus. The patient complains of paresthesia in the fifth digit and the medial half of the fourth digit. Which action of the thumb is most likely weakened or absent in this patient?

While cheering, Kali is dropped from a stunt landing directly on her shoulder, which of the following is the MOST LIKELY injury?

A patient presents to your clinic after a recent wrist injury and you notice they are able to hyper-abduct their wrist. What structures are likely to be involved in this injury?

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