Leg, Plantar Foot, & Lower Limb Joints

Leg, Plantar Foot, & Lower Limb Joints

A positive anterior drawer test is when the proximal head of a patient’s tibia can be pulled anteriorly on the femur, and the tibia moves anteriorly. Which structure must be damaged in order for the patient to elicit this movement?

Lindsey H., an uncoordinated OMS I student, is walking into lecture hall 2 for morning classes when she trips on the door frame and twists her ankle, forcing it to invert. Which of the following ligaments are you most concerned that Lindsey has probably torn?

The ankle is the most frequently injured major joint in the body. An ankle sprain is the most common type of ankle injury. A Pott Fracture-Dislocation occurs when the foot is forcibly ___________, resulting in both tibial and fibular fractures due to the strength of the ligaments attached to them.

A patient presents to your clinic complaining of numbness on the posterior side of the leg after being struck in the region during a football game. The patient is still capable of plantar flexion and dorsiflexion. What nerve that is most likely damaged?

A patient comes into your clinic experiencing pain in their feet, which are notably flat. When performing a physical exam, you ask them to stand on the balls of their feet. When they do this their rearfoot remains neutral instead of inverting slightly as expected. What would be your recommendation for this patient?

Damage to the superficial fibular nerve would lead to which of the following?
Seth B. finally gained the courage to go back to the electric cowboy after his last encounter with the assailant who brutally stabbed him in the parking lot. Unfortunately, as Seth is walking through the parking lot this time he trips over the curb. In the process of doing this he damages the vessel and nerve lying lateral to his tibialis anterior muscle. Which nerve and artery are most likely damaged?
Which of the following correctly describes the order in which blood would flow from the aorta to the dorsalis pedis artery?

Chris F. is enjoying his Saturday afternoon lounging by the pool at the Residents. Unfortunately, he got a little over zealous and accidentally slipped getting into the pool. He hit the posterior side of his thigh on the concrete edge which subsequently damaged the common fibular portion of his sciatic nerve. Which of the following muscles would no longer be functional?  

After a long night of stomping on the floor of their second-story Residents apartment, an OMS1 student complains of sudden increased swelling and pain of the foot. After a trip to the doctor, they received the above x-ray. What is the best diagnosis for their condition?

Damage to the medial plantar nerve would lead to an inability to use all of the following muscles, EXCEPT:

Which of the following is NOT true  regarding intrinsic muscles of the foot?

A patient comes into your clinic with a severe ingrown toenail, which is shown below. Which of the following is the proper diagnosis of this condition?

A patient presents with the inability to dorsiflex their foot. Which of the following nerves is most likely damaged?

Which of the following plantarflexion muscles is LEAST important in that action?

A Jones Fracture of the tuberosity of the 5th metatarsal would likely damage the tendon of which muscle?

Which of the following is true for both the hand and the foot?

Which of the following is innervated by the lateral plantar nerve?

A patient present after a motorcycle accident in which they injured their medial malleolus and the contents of the tarsal tunnel. Which of the following actions would this patient have reduced capability?

After a pick up game of basketball over the weekend, Robert believes he has sprained his ankle. He is unable to rotate his foot in or out. Which type of sprain does he likely have?

Bethany was doing a fouetté turn when she lost her balance and fell onto the outside of her foot. She thought she had just twisted her ankle or sprained her foot, but after a week of it hurting decided to go to the clinic. Her doctor tells her that she has a Jones fracture. This means that she fractured which of the following?

A 13 year old boy in the 95th percentile for weight presents to your clinic limping and complaining of pain in his groin. Which of the following would you expect to see on his x-ray?

Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease (LCPD) is avascular necrosis of the femoral head resulting from compromise of the blood supply to this area. Which of the following arteries would be affected?

Female sports players frequently laterally dislocate the patella. Which of the following is an explanation of why?

While performing an anterior drawer test on one of your patients you note that excessive movement is present. On that same patient you observe that there is a normal amount of “give” in the posterior drawer test. Which of the following ligaments might you expect to be damaged?

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