Anterior& Middle Thigh

Thigh, Gluteal Region, & Popliteal Fossa

You are on rotations when an attending asks you to scrub in for an ACL repair surgery. In order to perform the surgery while also minimizing the loss of blood flow to the leg, the surgeon should ligate which of the following arteries?

Which of the following is NOT a border of the popliteal fossa?

A patient presents with bruising on the posterior thigh/gluteal region and severe pain upon extension of the hip. You take an x-ray and acquire the image shown below. Which of the following best describes the injury exhibited by the patient?

A patient with osteoarthritis walks into your office. Before your exam even starts you see her walking to the exam room and notice her hip dropping to one side. What nerve is injured?

An attending tries to embarrass you in front of a patient by asking you the best place to insert a needle when giving an intragluteal injection. But because you went to ARCOM, you can confidently say the needle should be placed:

You are doing clinical rotations when an 82 year old female patient comes into the emergency department complaining of severe right hip pain. You acquire the x-ray shown below. Due to the possibility of avascular necrosis, which of the following arteries are you most concerned about being damaged?

Which of the following is NOT a border of the femoral triangle?


While jogging down a poorly lit road, Ricky slipped on a wet spot and managed to severely tear his pectineus. Which actions will he now have difficulty performing?


A patient comes into the clinic complaining of pain along the medial aspect of their calf, foot, and ankle. Upon examination of their posterior knee you notice a large pulsating mass and suspect an aneurysm of the popliteal artery. Which of the following nerves is mostly likely being affected by this condition?

After he fell off a roller coaster, Johnny broke every bone and tore nearly every nerve in his body. However, his femoral nerve remained unscathed and Johnny made a full recovery. Which muscle was still functional after the miraculous landing?


Which of the quadriceps muscles has a primary function other than extension at the knee joint?

Chloe suffers from chronic kidney infections usually brought about from UTIs. She usually gets Doribax, an IM-injected antibiotic, at the first sign of a UTI to prevent it from becoming a kidney infection. While at the doctor’s office, a new nurse is training and begins to prep the lower lateral quadrant of her left buttcheck when her trainer stops her. Why shouldn’t the shot be injected there?

Which of the following is NOT a component of the Femoral Triangle?

Edna was carrying in her groceries when she slipped and fell on the ice hitting the posterolateral aspect of her hip and buttocks. She is unable to rotate her toes inward with her leg straight from a standing position. Which of the following muscles is likely injured?

Which of the following is NOT a function of the Sartoris?

Vivian is an avid rock-climber. While rappelling down, her cable was too loose causing her to rappel down very quickly. On her rapid dissent, she was punctured in her right gluteal region with a very sharp stick which went into the thickest part of her right glute about two inches. While in the ER, she is asked to stand on her left leg and her right hip veers up. Which of the following nerves did Vivian injure?

A patient comes into the ER and has reportedly injured his pudendal nerve. Your attending tells you that he is concerned for the injury but also other possible injuries in the roots in the Sacral Plexus. What roots might be of concern?

Respectively, which of the following muscle-nerve pairs is INCORRECT? 

Which of the following muscles makes up a part of the floor for the popliteal fossa?

A blockage is discovered in the popliteal artery just after it has passed through the adductor hiatus. Which of the following blood vessels will receive blood and then be able to bypass the blockage to allow blood flow inferior to the knee?

Which of the following nerves is sensory only?

A soccer player comes into the ED with pain in her posterior thigh after injuring herself in a game earlier that night. When looking at the patients MRI T2 scan you notice a large white area where she is feeling pain. What does the large white area represent?

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