Bone & Cartilage Histology

The following photomicrographs shows the three various types of cartilage. Which of the following correctly labels the locations (in order) of the tissue from which these histological samples could have come from?

Which of the following is NOT true regarding the cartilage matrix?

You hear some of your friends talking about the best wrestlers of all time. One of them states that Andre the Giant was a “natural Hulk.” You smirk and politely state that the reason he looked the way he did was not because he was a real live hulk, but rather:

A patient comes into your clinic who had been previously diagnosed with osteoarthritis. In order to grade the severity of their condition, you decide to take a cartilage biopsy from the patients interphalangeal joints. Upon histological examination, you notice a discontinuity of the surface and loss of small portion of the superficial matrix. The slide that you are viewing is shown below. What stage of osteoarthritis is this patient in?

A patient presents to your office with a painful swelling of the femur. After taking his history you find he has Paget Disease. You remember to Ms. Heather’s lectures regarding such symptoms and associated disease. What should you do next?

Which of the following is NOT true regarding the various cells within bone?

Which of the following correctly identifies the cell specified in the following pictomicrograph?

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