Metabolic Fuel Sources in the Fed and Fasting State

Metabolic Fuel Sources in the Fed and Fasting State

Your friend Tiffany was only half listening about leptin and is confused as to why it couldn’t be used independently to treat obesity in humans. Which of the following explains why this would not be an effective obesity treatment for humans?

After running a routine physical and blood tests on a patient, they begin to freak out because their blood glucose level is 135! They are very healthy, non obiese 35 year old male, and have no history of diabetes in their family. What is the most likely cause of the high blood glucose levels?

All of the following Gluconeogenic mechanisms are stimulated by increased levels of Glucagon, except for:

Martha tells you that she has been doing the keto diet where she eats fewer than 20 grams of carbohydrates a day. While on this diet, what does her red blood cells use for fuel?

A patient has bloodwork done two hours after consuming a sugary drink. Since consuming the drink, the patient has consumed no other food or beverages. The patient’s blood glucose level is 163 mg/dL. What can be said about the patient?

Lauren, an OMS I student, is celebrating her outstanding performance on the anatomy exam by hitting the dance floor at the Electric Cowboy (she’s got Flossing down!). She realizes that she forgot to eat dinner, but doesn’t want to leave to grab a meal. She opts to pile on the drinks because, after all, alcohol has carbohydrates and she’ll be satisfied (at least for a little bit). How will her body respond?

Pig insulin was regularly administered to diabetic patients before the structure of human insulin was discovered. Now that the structure is known, doctors are able to administer the active portion of insulin, while still being able to measure the amount of insulin being produced by the body. Which part of human-secreted insulin is measured?

You are on a pediatrics rotation when a 5-year-old female patient is brought into the clinic by their mother. The patient is severely obese. However, the mother mentions that her daughter’s nutrition is good but she is constantly hungry. What is the next thing you should do?

After consuming glucose, insulin production is turned on, whereas glucagon is turned off. Which of the following is true in the fed state?

Ahsan, a mentally exhausted medical student, decided to take a study break and go for a hike at Devil’s Den. He accidentally travelled off the beaten path when he heard some unusual noises coming from the brush. Luckily Ahsan is a highly trained eagle scout and recognized the sounds immediately as the call of a cougar. He sprung into action, boldly running from the noise and flooding his body with adrenaline. Assuming that Ahsan had eaten a meal high in carbohydrates within an hour of this occurrence, which of the following is true?

In preparation for board game night, Seth and Ed each brought their favorite snacks to enjoy throughout the night. Shortly after eating all of his doughnuts, Seth was already hungry again. Ed, however, was still feeling quite content after eating his quinoa and mushrooms. What is the likely cause for this discrepancy?

Dr. Moffitt is running yet another ultramarathon. As she approaches mile 20, she decides to reach for her gel packet tucked conveniently within her fanny pack in order to get some energy. The gel packet contains a high amount of Fructose. Which of the following is true regarding Dr. Moffitt’s decision to consume this gel packet?

One of your patients is Type II diabetic. In order to help them increase their insulin sensitivity you recommend more frequent exercise which you expect will:

Glucagon signaling will do which of the following in the target cell?

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