Blood Cells & Hematopoiesis

Blood Cells & Hematopoiesis

The picture below shows a:  

A CBC reveals depressed levels of monocytes, what would be the most effective course of treatment to boost the number of monocytes? Administration of:

A patient comes into your office complaining of prolonged bleeding after they cut themselves while preparing dinner. You immediately consider that something must be wrong with their ability to clot/coagulate blood. If you are correct, what lab result would you most likely find?

Eosinophilia is a condition in which the eosinophil count in the peripheral blood exceeds the normal range. Which of the following infections would most likely result in eosinophilia?

A patient comes into your clinic with defective red bone marrow and hematopoietic stem cells. You realize this condition can lead to Pancytopenia. What do you suspect this patient to have?

Lab tests reveal that your patient has low levels of the colony-stimulating factor erythropoeitin (Epo). Which CBC result would be consistent with this finding?

A patient comes into your clinic complaining of chronic fatigue. You decide to take a blood sample and see the following image under your microscope. What’s the diagnosis, doc?

Which of the following is NOT true regarding the spleen?


You are on a surgical rotation when a resident asks you to run a CBC on a patient that has had a relatively recent lung transplant. Which of the following would indicate that the patient is at an increased risk for rejection of the donor tissue?

Samuel presents to your clinic with a runny nose, sore throat, and cough. After running basic blood test you note that his eosinophil count is extremely elevated. What type of infection should be of primary concern?

While on your pathology rotation you are asked to observe a particular leukocyte that is noted to lack granules. Which of the following cells could you potentially be viewing?

While playing with your new kitten, Dwight, he scratched you out of the blue for no reason, as kittens often do. Your hand starts bleeding. Which of the following parts of the body would you expect to ramp up its thrombopoietin production in response?

What type of granulocyte is known as the “first responders” concerning infection sites and is expected to dye “neutral pink” when exposed to H&E staining?

A patient comes to your office after being exposed to poison ivy. Which of the following progenitor cells would you expect to be in excess in your patient?

Natalie has megaloblastic anemia due to her vegan lifestyle and lack of red meat over the past five years. Which of the following would you expect her to be elevated due to it not being utilized?

Which of the following is derived from antigen-stimulated b-lymphocytes, primary producers of circulating antibodies and has a clock face nucleus?

As an embryo develops it goes through the following phases of fetal hemopoiesis: 
  1. Hepatosplenothymic
  2. Medullolymphatic
  3. Pre-hepatic
  4. Medullary
Which of the following has the phases in the correct chronological order?

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